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70s rock revival trio Necko unveil first EP

A blast from the past, Sydney rock trio Necko struck local venues with their raw, retro blues rock sound, unveiling their self-titled EP in June 2023.

Following sold out shows in 2022, Necko bring a distinctive 70s rock element to Sydney’s underground music circuit, ushering in a classic rock revival with skill and a distinctive style.

Drawing on early 70s folk rock, Necko’s new EP delivers powerful blues energy with driving rhythms, soulful vocals, and dramatic, high-energy guitar riffs.

With a masterful fusion of rock and psychedelia that compliments the diverse subject matter explored in each track, the collection speaks to the band’s ability to tell relatable and passionate stories through their music with a nostalgic twist.

“I love the idea of introducing this sound to our generation,” said frontman and namesake, Alek Necko. “Hopefully it evokes the same sense of discovery that it did for me.”

Alek sustains the evocative instrumentals with unique wailing vocals that echo British hard rock legend Robert Plant and subsequent bands influenced by Led Zeppelin, such as Greta Van Fleet, adding an original teasing whine that brings these traditional rock influences to new heights.

The five track EP has a clear stylistic direction, despite being born of uncertainty and raw creativity. “I didn’t know what I wanted to create,” said Alek, letting the music follow the direction that naturally, spiritually, emotionally, and creatively flowed from the vocalist himself.

Spanning themes of love and lust, longing, religious contemplation and existentialism, the stirring and thought-provoking lyricism was largely inspired by the frontman’s own experiences.

Coupled with elaborate instrumental breakdowns from Reno Torrisi on drums and Alex Parsa on bass and keys, the expressive lyrics reflect progressive rock influences that mirror an artistic interpretation popularised in the late 60s.

From winding, emotional numbers with skillful string bending and slides used to create fervent, slurring transitions in the softer, emotive songs of the EP such as ‘Eyes in the Clouds' and ‘You Don’t Gotta Be Alone Anymore’; to high pitched, passionate choruses comparable to early 70s Rush, Necko deliver compelling and dramatic melodies.

Co-written by acclaimed Australian pop rock band Thirsty Merc, Necko’s debut release ‘Wicked Woman’ marked the band’s growing reputation, going on to support The Radiators earlier this year.

Stream the Necko EP on Spotify, Apple Music, and YoutubeMusic!

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