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Americana Roots Grow in Sydney

Is time travel the next big thing in music? 

The undeniable surge of Americana soul and folk rock in Sydney is transforming the scene with a gritty, country vibe, echoing music spanning decades. 

Gen Z’s generation-wide aversion to “country music” might just be reconciled with bands Bone Graft and El Coyote leading the revival of Australian Americana in Sydney. 

Transporting The Duke of Enmore to the Old West for a night, the bands gave listeners all-original sets - a unique blend of folk, blues, and rockabilly tied with a modern rhythmic edge. 

Performing off the back of releasing their new EP ‘SIX’, five-piece band Bone Graft gave us a taste of the rugged frontier - bringing elements of classic southern soul and folk rock to the stage in their own eclectic style. 

The lead singer’s striking, gravelly, Tom Waits-esque voice instantly indicated the band’s early country influences with a signature western whine. Stirring up the crowd with songs of love, heartache and chasing your sweetheart, the gruff-voiced crooner gave an emotive yet intentional performance. 

The instrumentals are alive and in sync with the vocalist’s styling, building on steady, energetic percussion to saturated electric guitar and piano that almost slips into ragtime in the new album’s highlight song and earlier single ‘Lina’. 

From the first rousing harmonica wail, images of old Americana glory are called to mind by El Coyote’s debut single ‘He’s Crooked’.

An instrumental build-up alive with classic, western soul gives way to front man Julian’s wild growl of a voice, playing with power and rhythm to create a roguish tone that signals the return of raw, country grit to the Australian Americana folk scene. 

Delivering an all-original set, El Coyote’s expressive sound sailed between traditional hard rock instrumentals to emotional, mid-west crooning. 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of American rock and blues legends The Doors and Howlin’ Wolf, the band’s skilled range and distinctive style unlocked a variety of themes and feelings for listeners. 

With a strong, consistent rhythm on drums, creative freedom is taken with astounding guitar and organ solos, setting the stage for ex-Hells Dive Bar front man’s wicked, raspy vocals and impassioned stage presence. 

Available to stream via links below:

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