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Blake Cateris releases first solo EP

Blake Cateris blurs the line between adolescence and adulthood with his very first EP ‘Rearranging Deckchairs On The Titanic’.

Confronting the pressure of routine and responsibility that creeps in with adulthood, Cateris gives us a wake up call with an energetic fusion of pop-punk and indie folk styles in the new EP, released worldwide November 17, 2023.

With a distinct early Green Day sound, acoustic, stripped down instrumentals are combined with Blake’s raw, expressive vocals to share real and vulnerable life experiences.

The EP is a progression of escalating feelings of yearning and hopelessness as we say goodbye to our teenage years and face the world of chores and obligation, traversing themes of nostalgia for times gone by and social commentary.

Alternating between high-energy pop rock and mellow acoustic delivery, Cateris balances his light-hearted prodding of mundane adult life with his more serious tracks.

Reflecting on attitudes of individualism in our generation in the face of crises like COVID-19 and the bushfires in Australia, Cateris stresses values of solidarity and support in our society.

‘Rearranging Deckchairs On The Titanic’ is a defining step in Blake Cateris’ solo career, branching out in a new direction since performing with the likes of CJ Ramone, Danny Worsnop, Hard-Ons, and many more, as well as holding a residency at the iconic Frankie’s Pizza for nine years.

Stream now on Spotify.

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