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DRIFT: The 'Candyland' Australian Tour 2023

Celebrating the launch of their new EP ‘Candyland’, rising alternative rock band Drift kicked off their Australian tour in Sydney, supported by Private Wives and Dip.

Known for their shoegaze and emo influences, Drift brings a distinctive sound to the Sydney underground music scene.

Featuring atmospheric instrumentals and ethereal effects of the distorted guitars and effect pedals that characterise the traditional shoegaze genre, the band introduced experimental elements that elevated conceptual and technical depth.

An excerpt of Gene Wilder’s ‘Pure Imagination’ and stylistic glitchy spoken overlays faded into loud layers of dreamy reverb and obscured vocals, giving an eerie, futuristic feel with distorted instrumentals and intense drums dragging the beat. Drift’s trance-like intensity, heavy instrumentals and creative expression leans into the post-hardcore genre, comparable to bands Basement and Glare with their dense layered instrumentals and emo influences.

Drift’s ‘Candyland’ is a metaphorical interpretation of the duality of mental health struggles - encompassing the seductive ease and destructive nature of losing oneself in unhealthy patterns. The EP is a progression of thematic messages related to experiencing and dealing with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

From dark insight into the effects of mental illness to an appeal to seek help and support from loved ones, ‘Candyland’ sends a powerful message and encourages open conversation about mental wellbeing.


A complement to the headliner, Sydney quartet Dip openly defied conformity to genre norms, exhibiting a powerful fusion of styles.

Transitions from complex shoegaze instrumentals to heavy grunge and aggressive drums and guitars escalated to metalcore influences, creating an original and exhilarating experience.

The lead singer’s unique vocal style brought to life the dark and tender themes in each song, ranging from compelling whiny vocals reminiscent of early 2000s emo to brutal yet expressive delivery that makes an impact while maintaining the emotional depth of the lyrics.

Captivating the audience with intense instrumentals and provocative lyrics, playing songs from their newest EP ‘Stale’, Dip finished their set with an iconic hard rock cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ - a dramatic rendition that spoke to the band’s skill and individualism.


Feminine rage.

All-girl punk trio Private Wives are a formidable force whose lyrics speak to the experiences of many young women, unapologetically dissecting transgressions against women by men and society with hard, angry riffs and aggressive screaming vocals.

Private Wives’ lyrics cut deep and resonated with the whole audience, acting as a raw outlet for social commentary and solidarity with fellow young women through intense instrumentals and striking lyricism.


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