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MOONWOOD’s newest EP ‘Curfew Hours’ an ode to youth and rebellion

Dreamy and intimate, MOONWOOD’s second EP ‘Curfew Hours’ is a nod to modern pop rock.

Diving into emotional storylines with mellow, stripped-back instrumentals that come to a euphoric build up for the chorus, MOONWOOD gave us an upbeat, The 1975-esque indie rock set, performing 'Curfew Hours' live at the Oxford Art Factory.

The five piece Sydney-based band - hailing from the US, Canada and Australia, have been breaking ground in the local music scene with their melodic pop rock sound since coming together in 2021.

Released a year after their first EP, ‘Everything We Once Knew’, MOONWOOD stayed true to their signature subtle and intimate style in their new EP ‘Curfew Hours’, with lead singer Jake delivering a smooth and expressive vocal range that complements the introspective lyrics.

From airy and conversational to energetic and powerful, Jake’s vocal performance conveyed the building lyrical and instrumental tension in a compelling way, easily blending the softer conceptual themes with the catchy, danceable riffs throughout the ‘Curfew Hours’ tracks.

Keeping the light and dreamy tone of their older work, the new EP introduces a more exciting and dramatic sound to MOONWOOD’s discography.

Exploring themes of romance and longing to break away from the small-town life with rousing guitar leads from Paul and untamed synth lines by Aaron on keys, the restless spirit of youth and dreams of the future captured by the EP are brought to life with passionate vocals, captivating bass work from Will and an energetic rhythm from Justin on drums.

Leaning into the upbeat, lively and emotionally-charged territory of post-Brit pop and arena rock, MOONWOOD gave the audience at OAF a striking, danceable set reminiscent of early Coldplay that had listeners swaying, twisting and reaching for the band on stage as they edged closer and closer to the music.

Listen to MOONWOOD's new EP on Spotify and other major streaming platforms!

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