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Paint Job support Butterfingers with original hard-rock set

Kicking off a string of shows in Sydney, Australian rap rock icons and Triple J Hottest 100 natives, Butterfingers set a high bar for supporting bands.

With progressive hard rock originals and a magnetic stage presence, Blue Mountains opening band Paint Job showcased a fierce new sound to tease their evolution since the 2022 self-titled debut EP.

Formed in 2021, Paint Job have made a name for themselves with unique original tracks echoing 70s hard rock and modern alt-rock influences, bringing an electric atmosphere and infectious charisma to every gig.

Playing some of Sydney’s standout venues, including The Vanguard, Frankie’s Pizza, Kelly’s On King, The Lansdowne, and more, the rising band hasn’t stopped working, unveiling a set of brand new unreleased songs at Crowbar.

Capturing the audience with their signature hard rock riffs and powerful striking vocals, Paint Job gave us a taste of their exciting new work: harder, heavier, and endlessly inventive.

Building on prog rock roots with complex melodies and rhythmic action, Paint Job’s Samuel de Lima Garcia delivered heavy electric guitar solos with impressive precision, speed and melody, comparable to 80s and 90s heavy metal icons such as Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and Jeff Loomis of Nevermore.

With Peter Simpson on bass and Alex Anagnostopoulos on drums, instrumental complexity and rhythmic intensity was brought to life by the beating heart of the band, featuring skilful individual execution

that elevated the whole.

Paint Job’s artistic growth struck listeners with the addition of a formidable metal scream, revealing an unexpected fusion of hard rock and metal that is a far cry from the band’s first EP.

Image: Samuel de Lima Garcia (Lead Guitar)

Transitioning from their early 80s Australian pub rock and self-described alternative pop-rock sound, Paint Job brought a mature, experimental air to Crowbar - bringing the crowd in close and delivering a passionate set of their new work with confidence, style and chemistry between band members that exists both on and off stage.

Compared to the likes of Foo Fighters, INXS, Pearl Jam, and others, Paint Job’s frontman, Trevor Zadro-Jones, rallied the audience with his assertive attitude and banter, guiding the instrumentals with powerful vocals that spanned the intuitive mix of genres heard in the band’s new material.

Image: Peter Simpson (Bass)

Ending on a heavy rock cover of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘R U Mine’ in light of a broken guitar string, the band closed on a high energy note with their own fiery interpretation of the iconic song

that was right on brand.

Image: Trevor Zadro-Jones (Lead Vocalist)

Listen to Paint Job's debut EP HERE.

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