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Uni Tunes: Taste-makers of Sydney's musical underground

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Bringing back echoes of the DIY punk and rock revival era of the 2000s, student-run music podcast Uni Tunes showcased some of the talented artists resurrecting Sydney’s live music scene.

Live at Oxford Art Factory, artists Before the King, Charli Lucas, Jazzy Dale, and Kyle Charles Hall gave us a glimpse into the colours of Sydney’s musical underground.

The intimate venue brought this mix of genres and personalities together, setting the stage for each artist to share something personal with the audience. A big part of the scene is connection with the people, the listeners who are looking for music that resonates and artists who speak to their experiences. In this way, Uni Tunes hosts, Fynn and Archie, are creating space for conversations between the artists and audience to occur and providing a platform for these conversations to amplify the voices of emerging local artists.

Featuring impressive performances - from garage rock to intimate melodies and soulful R&B, the Uni Tunes team brought together some unique personalities and gave us a glimpse of who they are and what drives their music, with plenty of new releases in the making!

Charli Lucas

Starting off strong, singer/songwriter Charli Lucas delivered across style and vocal range. With complex and compelling lyricism spanning themes of unrequited love, abuse, and the power in being alone, Charli and her talented band conquered the audience. Speaking to themes close to many of our hearts, like the darker parts of relationships and learning to put ourselves first, the shoegaze influences and romantic instrumentals of a violin in the particularly personal songs of the set added a distinctive tone to this modern indie-pop band.

Before the King

One of the most anticipated bands of the night, Before the King had the crowd hooked from the first energetic riff. The raw vocals, intense guitar and wicked stage presence instantly brought to mind the iconic punk rock sound that reached highs in the 70s, but with a modern psychedelic, surf rock vibe that gave us some of the most danceable DIY rock since The Vines! Reminiscent of Alex Turner’s crooning vocal style, the frontman takes liberties with the upbeat, fast-paced instrumentals with controlled yet passionate delivery of lyrics, spanning self-referential and romantic themes. Getting right into the crowd, the whole band gave a wild performance that got everyone grooving.

Jazzy Dale

In the later hours of the night, Jazzy Dale greeted the crowd with heartfelt soul and R&B melodies, putting into perspective toxic relationships past with catchy, alluring harmonies. Giving the audience a glimpse of the wounded feminine with open lyrical themes, Jazzy sings with flowing clarity and emotional range, drawing on gospel influences with a seductive indie pop edge.

Kyle Charles Hall

Last but not least, indie crooner Kyle Charles Hall gave a perfect wrap to the night with his psychedelia-like pop melodies and affirming lyrical themes. Covering the feelings of new love, old love and the puzzling in-between, as well as self-love in young adulthood, the night’s listeners were treated to an exciting set that spoke to their inner dialogue as we make our way through this thing called life.

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